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Buy multifunctional scarf as an alternative to face mask (mouth and nose mask)?

Now buy a multifunctional scarf as an alternative to the mask? Many are looking for a multifunctional cloth for / against the coronavirus, because the mouth and nose protection is often sold out and very expensive. But whether multifunctional wipes really offer good protection is questionable.

Even if one reads contributions of experts and physicians, the opinions and statements diverge strongly. For example, some say that a normal face mask is almost as helpful as a respirator, and still others say that the viruses simply penetrate through the thin face masks. A wide selection of face masks can be found here!

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Why should you buy a multifunctional scarf?

First and foremost, it will give some people a safe feeling and it will already be useful to some extent but really protect, I may doubt. Best speak. You with your family doctor before the purchase, if it is not a purchase for reasons of fashion consciousness, but for protection against viruses such as the Coronavirus.

Why do so many people buy a multifunctional scarf?

The culprit, as already mentioned, is the scarcity of face masks. However, only certain respirators will provide real protection, where you have to change the filter every 30 to 60 minutes. But both the normal face mask and respirators are often sold out.

The existing ones, which can still be purchased online via the Internet continue to rise in terms of prices of these. So the price for respiratory masks was about 20 euros and the price for a pack of surgical masks (50s) and or disposable face masks at 6 to 10 euros. Meanwhile, the price is 30 to 70 euros and it will continue to rise due to high demand.

Notice! I am neither a medical doctor nor a virus expert. I draw my sources only from articles of persons, whom I estimate as respectable. Unfortunately, they contradict each other too often concerning Corona.

Two statements are circulating:

  1. A normal face mask helps just as much as a respirator.
  2. Such a face shield does nothing, as the virus can easily pass through it.

Unfortunately, I have not yet found a statement from a doctor, whether a multifunctional wipe brings something but maybe I get in this regard still a statement for my readers.

Attention. This is my personal opinion and not an expert medical opinion:

Personally, I think that a face mask and also a multifunctional cloth bring something after all there is something between the openings (nose, mouth and sometimes ears) but if air and moist breathing air can penetrate to the outside, then it also works vice versa!


Protection yes, but not enough. A better feeling when you go outside? Most likely, if you are a person who is afraid or at least respectful of this new disease!

How can you still protect yourself from the Coronavirus?

You can find a detailed guide on how to protect yourself in the best possible way here: Prevent Coronavirus + Protect from Viruses + Minimize Risk of Infection!

Usually this website is about recipes for cookies. Of course, we have taken up the topic of coronavirus for our readers.

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